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Association owned building

Borders Walking Trails along the Hudson

Tennis Courts

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Hudson Pointe Resources:

Ice Rink

Fall Wagon Rides

Board Information

A member passed along a suggestion that we should generate a list of people who would be willing to babysit, house sit or dog sit. Anyone who is interested should send an email to and we will have a list published to support the association. When you send the email pass along your contact information and indicate which activity you are willing to support.

We have some babysitters and dog sitters in the assiciation. If needed call the Weingart family at 798-1380 or email at We also have Colleen Senglaub at 745-4488. (added Feb, 21, 2013)

Another volunteer for babysitting and pet sitting: Sara York @ 792-2508 or email

Architectural Committee and Board approved:

Reminder: Hudson Pointe Association Webb page is complete and we hope everyone is enjoying. If for some reason you would like to continue receiving the minutes via U.S. mail, please contact one of the board members as soon as possible. The web address is: You must type the web address in your address bar. If you have any news or ideas for the web page, please contact Chuck Moore.


President Denise LaMouree 798-4203
Treaurer Chuck Moore 798-2304
Vice Pres Fred Lefton 793-7455
Vice Pres Sandra Barlow 798-5197
Secretary Greg Verheyn  

Architectural Committee:

Fred Lefton, Shawn LaMouree, Chuck Brenenstuhl

Architectural Change Form

Comments & Suggestions:

Send an email to

Hudson Pointe Homeowners Association
P.O. Box 526
Glens Falls, NY 12801